saturday 2/29

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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restorative yoga & massage

with carrie dennison

Tension and stress — a reality to most of our lives. Stress stays with us, locked up in our emotional and physical bodies with one affecting the other all of the time. This practice offers an opportunity to positively impact both bodies! Carrie Dennison will guide participants through a series of long-held restorative postures supported with bolsters, blankets, and all things comfy. Sinking into breath and body, you’ll find peace and an overall sense of relaxation.
And there is more! To complement your yoga practice, everyone will also get a 20-minute chair massage offered by Massage Therapists Julie Manning and Melissa Hernandez. Massage has profound effects on stress by relaxing tight and locked muscles and allowing the body to move with less restriction.

tickets cost $55 in advance or $60 at the door

minimum of 2 participants for the workshop to run, a maximum of 8 participants

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sunday 3/1

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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mindful eating workshop

with tara cassidy

Are you stuck in a rut and unable to meet your current wellness goals? Are you curious about how mindfulness can affect your eating habits?
Attendees will evaluate their personal eating habits and explore the concept of mindful eating. Attendees
will learn tools & techniques on how to incorporate mindful eating into their own lives.
What To Expect
Attendees can expect short meditations, a talk on what mindful eating is and wisdom sharing among the
group. We’ll begin with a grounding meditation, get to know other attendees, and then learn about mindful eating. Our workshop goal is to learn the value of mindful eating and how we can incorporate mindful eating into our daily lives. This can be your first step in achieving your wellness goals.
About Your Cassidy Wellness Coaching Instructor
Tara is a lifelong advocate of using food as medicine both for her own healing journey and as a preventative measure against chronic illness plaguing our society today. She spent 6 years as a personal trainer, is a long time yogini and meditator, and loves cooking healthy meals for family and friends. Currently, she is a mentor in Jonathan Foust’s’ Year of Living Mindfully, co-facilitates a mindful dialogue group, training as a leader in the FMH Living with Chronic Illnesses support groups and soon to finish her Master of Arts program in Health & Wellness Coaching at MUIH.

Ticket cost:

tickets cost $25 in advance or $30 at the door

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sunday 3/6

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Restorative Yoga & Sound Vibration Experience

with carrie dennison & sangeet angad

Description: rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit as you rest in Restorative Yoga postures supported by blankets, pillows and bolsters in relaxing poses. A combination of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls will be played by Sangeet during the practice. This sound experience works along the energy meridians to allow blockages to soften and release to create more flow.
During your 20 minute super supported savasana, Sangeet will play the gong. Vibrations created from the gong calm the mind to support a deeply relaxing, meditative state. They have been shown to increase endorphin levels to bring relief from physical pain, boost the immune system, reduce tension, and regulate stress-related hormones.

This unique combination of restorative yoga poses & sound vibration creates a safe supportive space for the body so that tension will be released & your relaxation response will activate.

No yoga experience is required and all levels are welcomed to attend. Your body cools down as you lay in these restful poses so it is encouraged to bring cozy socks and a long sleeve shirt.
Ticket cost: Tickets cost $45 in advance or $50 at the door

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“Inhale the future, Exhale the past"

Unnamed yogi

Registration is Now Open!

Kundalini Yoga teacher training 2020

This course is an opportunity to commit to positive change and connect with others willing to do the same.

Through this training, you’ll fulfill the Yoga Alliance RYT  200-hour requirement or a continuing education requirement for already certified teachers.

Honor your purpose to share something unique in this lifetime.

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