Cindy D'Aquino

Owner and Operator of Luna Yoga


Cindy is the owner and operator of Luna Yoga Studio.

She has worked at the studio location for the past 5 years where you’d find her at the front desk on most Wednesdays. She has a passion for healing and is thrilled to bring her vision to the beautiful space at 34 S Market

That vision includes the addition of new Yoga and Pilates instructors and a variety of new classes on the schedule.We will be adding healing Modalities such as:
– Shamanic Healing
– Ascension Master/Energy work
– Priestess/Goddess School,
– Conscious Relationship Workshops
– Reiki
– Massage
– Cacao Ceremonies
– Kundalini Yoga
To name a few.

Cindy feels like a kid in a candy store. She gets to bring all the things she loves into one space and have fun while doing so. Look for creative events in the future, such as; Midnight Moonlight Yoga, DJ Hip Hop Yoga., and more. We will continue to offer Yin, Gentle and Restorative classes as well.
Cindy is grateful to Steve and Vanessa for keeping the studio in good hands until she was ready to get out from behind the desk. She’s truly honored to be the new owner and looks forward to seeing you at Luna Yoga.

“Inhale the future, Exhale the past"

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