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Shamanic Healing, Ritual and Practice: A Description

What is Shamanic Healing?

The Shamanic approach to healing and wellness is one that, in broad terms, sees a fundamental connection between intangible, subtle or transphysical phenomena and a tangible expression in our bodies, in our lives and in our relationships with the world and others around us.  It seeks to identify connections between the physical and the non-physical and to provide pathways to resolving challenges, promoting personal growth and achieving healing.

In particular, the Shamanic approach to healing is one that focuses on the expression and integrity of one’s own Personal Power.  It seeks to reclaim the relationship between the self and Power when that relationship has come out of alignment and causes disturbance or suffering. In their role as a healer, the shamanic practitioner works with the participant to locate misalignments and to determine approaches to realign those relationships positively to bring the participant back into their Power.

This can include but is not limited to various shamanic healing process from clearing the energy body to soul retrieval.  It can involve the use of movement, dance, singing or vocalization.  And it can also manifest as specific rituals or sets of rituals – either drawn from the practitioner’s training or co-created with the participant.

Furthermore, there are times when the participant is called to deepen their own personal spiritual or metaphyiscal connections as part of their healing process.  This might mean connecting with spirit allies, strengthening existing relationships with spirits, deities or helpers, or enhancing a spiritual practice – amongst other possibilities.  It also may involve the practitioner serving as an interlocutor for other realms or non-physical beings to offer guidance and perspective in the healing process.

Finally, while various Shamanic traditions may deal with the same sorts of issues and challenges that we experience, they also take different approaches in their resolution.  A common thread that does weave through various lineages is one that ultimately sees the act of Healing itself as one undertaken by the participant, with the practitioner as a facilitator, a witness and a space holder.  From this perspective, the participant is the one taking action rather than merely having action taken upon them.  It is through this dynamic wherein the participant is called back into their own Power to achieve the Healing they seek.


Participants will often find that their issues are best address through dedicated work over the course of several sessions.  Some issues may take months of dedicated work to address.

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Quick Cleanse or a Drum Journey

30-45 mins $75 – $100

The Quick Cleanse is focused on energetic cleansing and clearing the chakras and energy body. If you’re just looking to just shed unwanted energy or as a quick metaphysical pick me up.

The Drum Journey is an experience designed to aid meditation or to go on a personal shamanic journey to gain insight or wisdom. Includes preparation, drumming and time to review and record the experience. I am happy to help offer perspective on interpreting your experience if you wish.

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 60-75 mins $150 – $175

A normal shamanic session focused on addressing specific energetic and metaphysical needs. Sessions may include drumming, movement, vocalization or work with meaningful objects. It also may involve extraction work and simple soul/energy retrieval.

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90-120 mins $200 – $250

Deeper sessions are designed for more extensive needs and more delicate work. In addition to whats covered under a base session, these sessions allow for more significant realignment and healing of the energy body as well as shamanic ritual work to successfully engage with deeper needs.

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2+ hours $225 + $75-$100/hr

A normal shamanic session focused on addressing specific energetic and metaphysical needs. Sessions may include drumming, movement, vocalization or work with meaningful objects. It also may involve extraction work and simple soul/energy retrieval.

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Kuma Satta

shaman healer

Kuma’s capacity for healing and shamanic intuition expressed itself at a young age and he has been helping others with energy work and metaphysical insight for over three decades.  His formal training and initiation started in 2010 with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and later through several DC-area teachers initiated into the Munay Ki rites of the Shamanic Healing Institute.  Trained and experienced in several energy and metaphysical modalities, Kuma offers an interdisciplinary approach to those that work with him wherein he seeks to heal the relationship between spirit, heart and body – as well as the relationship between the Self and the Earth.  Kuma’s work focuses on empowerment and development, seeking to assist others in the full expression of their Selves and enacting their own inherent Truth in the world; breaking old patterns and letting go of self-limiting narratives.”

“Inhale the future, Exhale the past"

Unnamed yogi

  • 301-682-9642
  • 34 S Market Street Frederick MD 21701

⚠️ Important update ⚠️

We will be offering online classes via Facebook Live for free/by donation.

Send us a message if you would be interested in our online classes, we will send out an email with the link to sign up when we have more details. 

We are recording some classes and will email them out to our students soon.

During this time we will continue to honor class cards & the new ownership special as payment for class.

Classes are canceled and the studio is closed as of right now. We will monitor the situation and will re-evaluate as information becomes available. We want everyone to stay safe and help heal the world.

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