Tracy Delia

Kundalini Yoga

Tracy’s passion is awakening people to the Joy that is a natural part of life, that is
always flowing through life and is always available to those who are open to it.
Through her own daily practice, she has found Kundalini yoga to be an easy and
fast way to connect with that Joy, and she loves to share this “secret recipe” with

Tracy’s intention is that her classes are filled with Love and Light, creating a safe
space for students to connect with their own Inner Lights. Her wish is that
students take that connection with them as they leave the studio, allowing it to
brighten their own days and the days of everyone they meet, creating a ripple
effect that brightens the World.

Tracy has been a student of yoga since 2006, and has practiced mostly Kundalini
yoga since 2012. She is an ongoing student of Life, consciously choosing to
learn and grow as much as she can, courageously shining her Light stronger and
brighter every day.

Students can expect classes to include asana, meditation, mantras / chanting,
and relaxation in an atmosphere of Love and Light, Joy, Reiki energy, and overall
good vibes. Students can also expect to be met with respect and appreciation,
just for being themselves, and for choosing to come to class. Tracy is a KRI
certified Level I Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Reiki Master Practitioner.