Stacy Allen

Yoga Flow

Yoga fell into Stacy’s path in 2014 after retirement from her gymnastics career. She slowly came to fall in love with the practice and completed her RYT-200 from Yoga District in Washington, DC under Jasmine Chehrazi in April 2018. She is currently attending training under Rose Erin Vaughan of NYC learning acupressure points and Meridian Yoga Therapy. What clicked for Stacy was how the physical practice on the mat translates into daily life choices. What keeps Stacy with the practice is the opportunity for everlasting growth and learning. Yoga and meditation has helped her work through many different moments in her life and this is the reason she shares with others. She believes that the ancient teachings are concepts that everyone can integrate into their daily life with the right tools. Stacy is here to assist people in finding those tools within themselves. Stacy also has a passion for all different variations of movement, being outdoors to explore, traveling, socializing with new and old friends, and trying new things. Enjoy exploring in your own body with the open suggestions Stacy offers in her classes.