kundalini yoga instructor sitting

Sangeet Angad (Stephanie Lynne)

Kundalini Yoga

Sangeet brings her lifelong spiritual passion to her yoga classes. Understanding and working with energy has always been a big part of Sangeet’s life. She is a lover of crystals and astrology & has always been fascinated by how our energies are affected. She received her Reiki master certification in 2009. When Sangeet discovered Kundalini Yoga and how it uses the body’s energies for healing and ascension it was a natural fit for her. After receiving her Kundalini YogaTeacher Training certification, Sangeet added Yin Yoga training to complement and increase her knowledge of energy meridians from Chinese Medicine. Sangeet believes laughter is one of the best ways to raise our energy and is a form of healing, thus she endeavors to make class fun while also being transformative. During savasana, Sangeet plays her gong which helps move energy blocks and allows the body to experience more in-depth healing.