AnaMarie Shaikh-Travis


AnaMarie loves movement and challenges she grew up in London where she received her performing arts degree with additional studies in lighting design and stage management.   She traveled state side and in 1999 she decided to try a new challenge: Pilates…and the love affair began.  She received her Power Pilates Teacher Certification 2004 and began to teach Pilates in her spare time while working full time.  Fascinated by the clarity and lightness that Pilates helped her to discover in her body, she developed a deep appreciation for mindful movement. After the birth of her first child, AnaMarie re-prioritized her life and was asked to teach Pilates by fellow new Mums working to recover core strength.  She then expanded her teaching to inlcude with anyone with specific needs/challenges.  She warmly welcomes people from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes, and she strongly believes that this versatile practice can transform anybody’s body, mind, and life as it has her own.