indoor classes

Practice with the community in our historic downtown studio

tips for class

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Pre-registration is required. Each indoor class has a maximum of 7 participants.

come prepared

Bring your own yoga mat or towel, a mask, & a water bottle. If you would like we’re providing sanitized blocks & mats in the prop room for your use. Once you are done with class, place your used props in the receptacle by the door.

observe social distancing

While in the studio continue to observe social distancing. The studio floors have been marked so you know where to set up your mat. 

wear a mask

Guests should wear face coverings when entering or exiting the facility and when interacting with employees or other guests. When exercising, guests are encouraged to wear face coverings if able to do so safely. If wearing a face covering safely is not possible, guests should increase the distance between themselves and other guests as much as possible.

Please note that our studio room is set up to comply with social distancing. You have the option to remove your mask during class, while you are on your mat. 

class description

active flow yoga

Experience the connection of breath, movement and meditation with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Poses flow seamlessly and rhythmically, delivering a strengthening, whole-body practice with deep release. Our alignment-focused approach ensures a safe but enlivening adventure for everyone.

power yoga flow

This energizing class allows students to discover their own strength and perseverance while linking their breath to their movements. Be ready to sweat in this vinyasa style class, as you flow with creativity & enthusiasm. Some yoga experience is recommended for this class. 

gentle yoga

Gentle yoga classes offer a soothing practice that includes breathing and relaxation techniques along with gentle exploration of therapeutic stretches and postures. Perfect for beginners, but all levels are encouraged and welcomed to attend. 


Qi-Gong is an ancient form of exercise and body awareness. It addresses the fact that traumas in our life create the way we walk through life and hold our body. They also affect our viewpoint and our way of living. Qi Gong gives you a perspective with which to view your life. Qi-Gong means energy work. It is a moving meditation that takes traumas and allows you to release them while working on your body’s need to move fluids and to stretch muscle.

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